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Effective Criminal & Regulatory Defence

If you have been charged with a crime or regulatory violation, call Kim Arial Law Office in Calgary, Alberta. I have a wealth of experience in criminal law.

All Areas of Criminal Law

Whatever you've been charged with, I can help. I accept a full range of criminal cases, including violent ones, such as:

• Robbery
• Firearms
• Proceeds of Crime
• Violent Offenses (Assault & Murder)

• Theft
• Fraud
• Offenses Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Importing, Producing, Trafficking, & Possession)

Complex Areas

Criminal law is a challenging and complex field. I have the training and experience to tackle even the toughest of cases, including charter breaches, in which state authorities abhorrently violate an individual's constitutionally protected right. My areas of practice include:

• Entrapment
• Charter Breaches
• Issues Involving Police Informers & Police Agents
• Extraditions
• Expert Testimony
• Customs Act/CBSA Offences

Civil Forfeiture

Civil forfeiture cases occur when the government seeks forfeiture of "property acquired by illegal means" or "instruments of illegal activity." Such cases are sometimes brought even following an acquittal, stay, or withdrawal of the criminal charge. Contact me if you're facing civil forfeiture. I'll fight to help you keep your possessions.

 Scales of Justice